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THC Oil Vape Pens out Power Combustion for Healthy Dosages

If you absolutely had to choose between inhaling marijuana flower and inhaling smoke from a vape oil pen, is there an option that seems more palatable? Compared to the whole process of smoking a marijuana flower, vape oil pens are a lot more portable and can get used in a discreet manner more easily. But does smoking a flower and a vape oil pen have the exact same effects? This article will explore the differences of smoking these two items.

Is Your Vape Oil Pen Mighty?

People smoke with vape oil pens for a lot of reasons. They include portability, convenience, health reasons, and the high that they will get from smoking them. To use a vape oil pen in public, all you will have to do is pull your device out of your pocket, take a couple of pulls off your pen, and then no one else will know the difference.

Vape oil pens can act as a healthy alternative to smoking marijuana flower from bowls or joints. But this will largely depend on the quality of the oil in the pen. Researchers have found that smokers who used vape oil pens dealt with less respiratory problems than those who used bowls and joints. This is because the vapors have a lesser amount of carcinogens and tars that you would usually get from smoking bowls and joints.

While it's great to be health conscious these days, isn't the one thing that we want to do at the end of the day is get high?

You can make vape oil in one of two ways. With the first way, you take butane and use it as a solvent which separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant that you're using. With the second way, you take carbon dioxide and put in a high-pressure system. Doing this will give you similar results to the first method. Many oil experts think that carbon dioxide oil is a lot better than hash oil made out of butane.

The hash oils that get used for vaping usually have up to 90 percent THC. This makes these oils a lot more potent its flower alternative. The marijuana flower has up to 25 percent THC. If you just look at these numbers, you might think that the vape oil pen high is better than the flower high.

Secondary High

I smoke flower every day, so I don't use vape oil pens regularly. While pens are great for use at concerts and during my travels, I don't always trust the high that comes from them.

In my opinion, the high that I get from a flower is vastly superior to the measly high I get from pulling on a pen all day. My opinion got cemented when I had to go without a week without smoking flower. During this time, I had to use my OpenVape and Dream Steam hybrid carbon dioxide oil cartridge to get my accustomed high.

Needless to say, I was not happy.

I vaped and vaped as much as I possibly could, but the high was not coming. While I do have an extremely high level of THC tolerance due to my daily smoking habit, I was expecting the oil to be at least as good as the flower.

Over the years, many people have rhapsodized about the wonders of THC vape pens. Since I didn't feel the same way, I decided to some independent research to find if other people had the same feelings.

I talked to people who don't smoke flower a whole lot. They told me that they get a satisfactory high from vape pens. Some of the people even told me that they wanted to throw up when they vape too much. Other people who, like me, didn't get very high from vape oil pens, reported that they used pens as a secondary tool for when their joints and bowls weren't available.

Poll Your Friends

While the information that I gathered made me feel somewhat better, I decided that I was going to take the research closer to home by asking my dispensary friends. My friends also smoke flower regularly. All of them said that the pens did nothing for them.

What I found is that vape oil pens do not give me and my friends the high we want. While I haven't given up on pens, I'm also not going out to buy a refill cartridge, either. It's all about the flower for this moment.

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