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Cannabis Logos Best Practices For Medical Marijuana Start-ups

Cannabis logo Design 
Cannabis Logos
A little over a decade ago, 11 states had legalized medical cannabis, but the central government maintained its power to outlaw its use at the national level, citing many of its detrimental effects on the health of its users. As anyone supportive of their course, cannabis logo design advocates all over declined to step down. Instead, they rallied their support for the prized leaf, pushing for legal use with little concern for marijuana branding. Today, 25 states have legalized marijuana in some way. The industry is recognized as one of the fastest developing industries in the United States, with a market value projected to treble by the year 2020.

It can be difficult to cope with an industry that’s growing at this rate, especially given the increase of branded products hitting the market. More than 645 brands of cannabis products have been identified in Washington State alone, one of the 25 states that have had marijuana legalized. With all these options, what informs the decision on which brands to buy? During the birth of the industry, it is only a few who paid attention, if any, to branding. They used to cultivate their flowers, extract their oils, and bake their edibles, and then pack the product in uniquely branded bags.

Everybody was so enthusiastic about purchasing some legal weed that they didn’t mind much about the packaging. Presently, the industry has developed, and people are not after buying just any weed delivered to them anymore. They have a vast variety to choose from depending on their preferences. Choosing between different brands of the product on a shelf, whether green or black, all stamped with a pot leaf can be as daunting as any. When shopping for cannabis, users want to be upbeat that the experience will be rather enjoyable. As with most acquisitions, they’ve come to either buy the certified name or to pick out a product based on the pack in which it is delivered to them.

One of the most valuable ways in which companies can brand their product is packaging with their cannabis logo design. Products packaged in a way that the customers feel safe and those that fit well into the lifestyle that consumers are familiar with are always appealing. The most desired products are those that overcome the factions of their industry and stand out in some way. Your logo need not be a depiction of your product, and your packaging mustn’t fit the pattern set by the industry’s pioneers. Instead, you should contemplate coming up with distinctive ways to attract your intended market’s attention. With the ever expanding market of the medical cannabis, observing these simple changes in the branding can be hugely rewarding.
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